Teacher Mini Grants

For handwritten or typed entries, please see the complete list of format guidelines,
(A - F), for handwritten or typed entries.
Please be thorough, but try to follow the outline as closely as possible, and limit your grant application request to two (2) single spaced pages. Following these outline requests will greatly help the selection committee in their final selection process.

Grant Amount Being Requested - Please circle - $250 or $1,000

(A)School Name
Address/Zip Code
Phone Number
Principal's Name
(B) Teacher's Name Requesting Grant -
If more than one, list all requesting teacher's names.
(C) Project Name
(D) List the Targeted Grade or Grades that the Grant will Benefit. Also indicate if Special Ed Students will be included
(E) Methods and Objectives:
This area will be used to outline the project objectives and the method used in implementing the class participation in the project. The committee considers this the most important part of the grant and you should use as much space as needed to explain how it will be implemented and the impact it will have on your students.
(F) Materials Needed and Estimated Costs:
List the needed materials and their cost. If other than materials is part of the project list the estimate costs. You can enclose a sheet showing the materials if you like.
Make sure that (A) and (B) have all the requested information completed including the zip code.

The Ritonya Buscher Poehling scholarship fund is proud to be a small part of the education system providing teachers an opportunity to pursue their ideas to better the teaching profession. The mini-grant program to school for education development and innovation will be available for any teacher and school in the Metropolitan Omaha Area.
Please email or mail all grant requests for funding to:

Ritonya Buscher Poehling Scholarship Fund
attn: Steve Cavlovic, Director
3927 "X" Street
Omaha, NE 68107

Phone 402-733-3886
Fax 402-731-2119

Email - info@rbpteachergrants.com


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